Twister: holds up to 8 players per game

Twister-Blackout: holds up to 8 players per game

Titanic: holds up to 10 players per game

Mars: holds up to 6 players per game

No. Our rooms may be mysterious and sometimes a little creepy, but there is nothing dangerous about them. They are built with safety in mind and no harm will come to those who participate; maybe just your pride if you don’t escape.

If you’d like to make it private, select the number of people in your room, then click the private room box. If you decide to not make your room private, chances are you may be in the room with another group. Make nice- they may be your ticket to escape!

The rooms are all timed at 60 minutes on the clock, expect to be at the location for approximately 90 minutes…unless you’re smarter than the game and escape sooner. This covers the instruction/intro/briefing before the game itself, and a recap/pictures after the game. The Misson: Mars escape is a 30 minute room.

All cell phones/purses will be locked in a designated secured room. Closets are available for jackets, etc. Drinks or food may not be brought into the rooms. Special note: People found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be turned away and listed as a no-show. Bummer, we know.

We are a live event game. Once the door is locked, the clock countdown begins. Late arrivals are strictly prohibited. You must arrive at the location at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your game time. If you arrive later than 5 minutes before your game time, you may not be allowed in the room or that time may be taken off the clock. We have a tight schedule and need to start rooms on time to accommodate all guest bookings.
Please note: All ticket sales are final. Once purchased, we cannot give out refunds for cancellations.

Absolutely! Problem solving and communication are key in the corporate world and key to escaping the room. This is why escape rooms are one of the most popular team building activities out there. Find out how well you really do work together! After the game, we provide an analytical overview to the group on what good decisions were made, where the clues were missed, where communications wasn’t relayed, etc.

Have a big group? We can come to you! Ask us about our Mobile Escape experience, D.O.A. Unlocked (click to visit site)

The only thing you need to know is this: communicate with your team! Open your mind, listen to each other, and work together to solve the clues. Escaping is a team effort, regardless if a group knows each other or not. Immerse yourself in the game, and you will get more out of it!

Yes, as long as the room you wish to do is AT LEAST an hour after the time you walked in. Feel free to come in and talk to one of our associates regarding availability. You can still book same day slots online if space is available, but you are still required to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled game time.

You will be standing, possibly crouching, crawling, or reaching for clues. Please dress comfortably.

Yes. Our entire facility at Wisconsin Dells location is wheelchair accessible.

Personal experiences may vary depending on the degree of claustrophobia. The room is large enough to give everyone their own personal space, but not overly spacious. If you think this may be an issue, the game experience may not be for you. Keep in mind though, you can leave the room at any time if needed.

Unfortunately, we are not selling gift vouchers at this time.

For questions specifically about our Wisconsin Dells location, please email For other questions regarding DOA Unlocked or corporate, please email us at Please allow up to one business day for a response.

Tickets can be purchased up to 6 months in advance.

We do not accept FunPass as forms of payment through the Wilderness Resort.

Reservations are made online using credit/debit card (accepting VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express)

For groups larger than the room maximum, please email us.

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